Crystal Owls

The Crystal Owl Award was started in 2015.  The stories must be completed within the year of the award.  The judges are volunteers from the Labyrinth Fans (Film) facebook group.

General Rules:
  • Your work has to be completed in the year of the award.
  • Suggested stories can only be submitted to the judges up to Dec. 31st of the award year.
  • The judges will then read everything and vote for what they like.
  • Suggestions can be made through facebook or through the forum. You can also send in nominations via email.
  • The Bog of Eternal Stench category is for the best of the worst.  Stench? Stench? What speaketh thou?
  • Past awards are listed in the ARCHIVES.
  • For 2017 the new categories are Best Comedy and Best Holiday Story.  For 2017, there will not be a Best Alt-Universe, Best Goblin King Tribute Story, or Most Likely To Become A Classic.

2016 Crystal Owl Award Winners
Best Goblin King Tribute Story
The Fairy Funeral by Morgause

Best Short Story (up to 5000 words)
One and Only by BeetleQueen

Best Dark!Jareth
Seven: Descant by Ellen Weaver

Best Romance
The Lost & The Lonely by MemoryCrow

Best Adventure
You Damn Me, My Love by Daydreaming-with-ink

Best Alt-Universe
Make This Go On Forever by mistyhalcyondazeareover

Best OC
His Parliament Guard by GoldenAerie

Most Imaginative/Creative
The Fairest One of All by Ellen Weaver

Most Likely to Become a Classic
His Champion's Journey by JetRedGirl

Best Lemon/Erotic Story
The Lost & The Lonely by MemoryCrow

Bog of Eternal Stench
Forever, Not Long At All by Caz251