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2015 Crystal Owl Award Winners
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Best Short Story (up to 5000 words)
Brave of Heart by 3iggy

Best Dark!Jareth
The Beast Within by Jalen Strix

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Best Romance
I Wish You Would by Painted Glass

Best Adventure
The Return by CrimsonSympathy

Best Alt-Universe
Forget Us Not Into Alteration by Jalen Strix

Best OC
Goblins by LauraLithia2

Most Imaginative/Creative
Muse by RebelRebelMonster

Most Likely to Become a Classic
Goblin Spies and Unexpected Visitors by Nothingnothingtralala

Best Lemon/Erotic Story
Cracked Actor by Painted Glass

Bog of Eternal Stench
If You Turn Her This Way by Ptolomeia