Love, Luv, ♥

Love, Luv, ♥

By Jessie Desmond

       A big aspect of Labyrinth fanfiction is love. Most of the time it’s focused on lust and affectionate love, but are there other types of love? Yes! It’s important to not skip over these other types of love. Let’s talk about types of love and various intricacies that can affect love.
    Types of love:
  • Lust - Sexual in nature
  • Romantic Love - Love that has a firm foundation in intimacy and a symbiotic relationship, rather than simply lust.
  • Affectionate Love - A strong relationship between two people of a positive nature, not necessarily romantic.
  • Familial Love - The relationship between two people, usually family members, that is platonic and positive. Can also be between student and teacher or a youth and elder.
  • Frivolous Love - A very strong liking for a person, place, or thing that may only last for a short time. A character may love a certain jacket at the beginning of a story, but hate it two chapters later.
       The subject of love can be a difficult can of worms since there are little intricacies to take into consideration. No matter the type of love you are writing about, you have to deal with attraction, affection, devotion, and sacrifice for each relationship.
       Attraction doesn’t have to be in a boyfriend/girlfriend manner. It’s simply what attracts person A to person B. Perhaps it’s a familial love between two best friends and what attracted them to each other was a love for baseball. Why is person A attracted to person B?
       Affection is the method that a person displays their love to another. Again, this can be between two lovers or between platonic couples. How is affection displayed between your characters?
       Devotion is a question of loyalty and temptation. Can the characters in question withstand temptation to remain loyal to each other? A lack of devotion may cause a lover to sleep with another person or for a promise to be broken for personal gain.
       Sacrifice happens when something of value is at stake. Characters need to commit, to suffer, or to forgive (self-sacrifice) to show sacrifice. Love that simply feels or vows or flatters is cheap and easy, the opposite of sacrifice. Increase the stakes to show the value of the love between characters. For friends, this may be finally standing up to that bully.

       Intimacy tends to be used more with romantic love, but can sometimes be used with repeated lustful relationships. Stories that heavily focus on intimacy and romance tend to be called romance, or even erotica if the story has more sexual explicit details. One way to increase the intimacy level of your story is to create tension between characters.
       Some fanfiction authors have little experience or little desire to write anything strongly romantic. Instead, these authors may want to focus on the love between friends: affectionate love and familial love. This can be a great way to add new dimensions to your stories of adventure and fantasy.

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