Things You Never Noticed in Labyrinth

Things You Never Noticed in Labyrinth

By Jessie Desmond

The following are things that you probably never noticed in Labyrinth (1986).  Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them if you need a closer inspection.

1. Sarah is from Upper Nyack, NY.  You can clearly see the sign for the City Clerks office when she runs home in the beginning of the film.  You may also notice that she turns to run down Castle Heights Avenue.

2. Sarah has a weird collection of stuff.  I know that most lists like this point to the figurines of everyone and the fairytales, but have you looked at her shelves by the door?  Judge Dredd comics, an LP called Slasher Madness (clearly a metal album), a David Bailey photography book, and some odd wooden dolls.  I really wonder if Sarah has an introverted wild side, one she only lets out in her bedroom.  I'd have to check her record collection, but it wouldn't surprise me to find Dio and Iron Maiden in there.

3. Who is this guy?  Sarah presumes it's the Goblin King, but he never confirms it AND never tells her his name.  Hmmm......very sneaky, Jareth.

4. The first part of the labyrinth looks like a big wind storm came through.  It was pretty windy outside the labyrinth.  Good thing Sarah didn't arrive a few days earlier, eh?

5. This might be a bit obvious, but there are several moments during the film where Jareth doesn't appear happy or in control of his subjects.  The first noticeable part of this is during "Magic Dance" when he has to sing them into submission, much like the Fae are known to do (sing spells and what not).

6. The writing on the shields looks a lot like runes and some of them are, but it doesn't really translate into anything completely distinguishable.  I am no expert.  Does anyone know?

7. Did you notice Sarah's amber brooch?  You never hear about it in fanfiction.

8. Hoggle's belt is full of weird trinkets like glass vials, a good luck cornuto hand, a pipe, and other things.  There's a lot to be said about that belt of his.  What a history!

9. The entire labyrinth is covered in spiderwebs.  This is kind of gross if you're not into spiders.  The webbing is EVERYWHERE!

10.  According to the blanket Ambrosius wears, Sir Didymus is loyal to 6 different noble houses!

11.  In the ballroom scene, if you look hard enough, there are some golden people!  Weird.

12. There is a fan theory that this dude is really Jareth OR that he's like a doppelganger or something akin to that.  He literally follows Sarah around the entire ballroom scene and, aside from who we see as Jareth, he is the only one to do so.

13. Humongous, the guardian of the city gate (robot), simply asks "Who goes?"   Why does no one answer him?

14. Oddly enough, the colors that Ambrosius wears match the small detail work on these particular goblins' suits of armor.